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Here at the Cats Whiskers Rescue we try to help every cat we can in some way or another but at the moment our rescue is full and we can’t take any more cats until we can re-home the ones we have in our care.

We are still receiving phone calls from people who have found stray cats in need of urgent veterinary attention and in the past we would have taken these cats in and had them attended to, but running a cats rescue is a costly business and we can't do this, however, if we are able to contribute towards the cost of this treatment, the people who have found the stray are often prepared to feed and “keep an eye on” the cat until we have the space to take it to our rescue or re-home it.

If you wish to make a donation specifically for this type of rescue, then you can mark the donation STRAYS.

All donations are gratefully received no matter how big or small.

You can make a donation using one of the  methods below

Thank you so much.


You can donate in the following ways

Please click on the donate button below to donate via PayPal

Using A Gift Aid Form

Make your gift go further... for every £1 that you donate, we can claim a further 28p (if you are able to Gift Aid your donations)... at no cost to you!

click here to download a Gift Aid form


Standing Order

click here to download a Standing Order form


If you want to donate using a Cheque or Postal Order please make it payable to

The Cats Whiskers Rescue

and then call Mac on

 01922 415940


Registered Charity no. 1107910