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Our Latest Project

New cat pens

We have been raising money for some time now to help make the lives of the cats in our rescue more comfortable while they wait to be re-homed

The project has been kick stated from the planning stage to the "doing" stage as we have been very lucky to have been awarded a donation from the lovely people at Pets At Home, which is going to be used to fund new PVCu pens.


The pens are being built by PedigreePens of Tewkesbury and we hope to have them installed by the second week of June 2010.

The pens will be made of the highest quality materials giving the cats and kittens in our care the very best in cat pen luxury, and will be fully heated to provide warmth in in the colder months as well as providing good ventilation in the warmer months.

If all goes well the new pens should look like the artists impression below.

So the next stage is to clear out the old pens and do the ground work for the new pens to be sited on.

Stage one has begun...

the cats and kittens have been temporally re-housed at our our Cannock site so that we can start taking down the old pens.

As you can see, the old pens have served a purpose but being made of wood they were in constant need of repair as the elements and time have caused them to deteriorate.

Stage Two

The old pens have all been removed and the ground levelled out for the concrete plinth for the new pens has been laid.

Stage Three

We have laid a nice new tiled surface on the concrete to give a clean surface to have the new pens installed on....this was done by Karl Steadman and Lee Alder with some excellent grouting skills by Gail Steadman and Mac Haynes to keep the costs down.

The Cats Whiskers Rescue would especially like to thank Lee for his time and efforts over the weekend of 5th and 6th of June to help us get the surface ready in time for the pens to be installed on the 14th June.

Stage Four

The Pens have arrived......

The Pens have been delivered and will soon be fully installed.

There will be a few bits and pieces to sort out after they've been finished..we had a few cracked tiles that need to be replaced, but we expect to be up and running in two weeks time.

We're all very excited about the project, the biggest one we've under taken the history of the charities existence and we're looking forward to the first of the new batch of rescue cats to "christen"  the pens.

Stage Five


The Pens are up and are now being put to the use we intended.

there were a few problems to get over but all things considered we achieved the goal we set out to do...we are now the proud owners of some very nice uPVC Pens

Coming soon, you can be the proud owner of a Cats Whisker Rescue china mug or a very fashionable T-shirt...for a donation ..of course!

More pictures to follow..........


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